Lebanese Commuting Company – Guide to Airport Transfers in Beirut

The following article is to help you arrange for your transfer out of Lebanese Airport to your Hotel or to any specific location within Lebanon. Additionally, it supplies you with general information and facts pertaining to transport in Lebanon.

Lebanese Airport Arrival

If you arrive to Lebanon by air and you are on a shoestring spending budget, or if you are the lonely planet type visitor, listed below are some suggestions for your initial transfer:

Lebanese Airport Taxis

Go out of the airport and begin your Beirut Encounter with a hailing and bargaining with non official cab drivers. These are identifiable due to the fact they have red numbers and a cab logo, but they do not have the airport logo, and they start halting by you on the street to ask you if you need a ride. Anticipate to pay an amount of 10$ for the ride if you are going anyplace within Beirut, and between 20$ and 25$ for Beirut suburbs, which include Northern and Southern Metn, Jounieh North, or Saida South.

Taxi Service in Lebanon

Walk out of the airport terminal and hang around for Taxi Service Vehicles to start stopping by you, and ask you where you are heading. These are shared taxis, and they are particularly appropriate if you are alone, and want to interact with local people, simply because the ride will cost you close to 1. 3$ (provided you make it clear for the driver that you are hiring him as a taxi service, in no way as a cab, though this ought to be in some way apparent if there are some other individuals in the vehicle). To be on the safe end, compensate the driver the minute you go into the car, this way, he cannot require you later on to pay the expense of a solo cab. Anticipate to arrive at some spot around your desired destination and possibly not your precise destination, except if your ultimate location is on a main neighborhood.

Getting Busses around Beirut Airport

Move out of the Beirut Airport Arrival Area a range of max 500 meters in the unique possible path, and at the first point out from the airport vicinity, you will notice mini-buses. These cost close to 0. 7$ for the trip, but their trajectory is broader than that of any Taxi Service. The con with most of these is that you cannot readily realize where each one is heading, unless you consult the car owner, or better inform the driver where you are heading, he might then possibly inform you to jump in or to find an alternative bus. As an substitute to small-buses, you might choose the Lebanese Commuting Company red and white busses, which also cost around 0. 7$ for the trip, and the trajectory of which is specified in the image below.

Lebanese Commuting Company Map

Lebanese Commuting Company Map

In the included photo, you can see that the Lebanese Commuting Company line that goes near Beirut International airport is the line no. 5 marked in light blue. Depending on the place you are going, you can start by choosing any bus corresponding to line no. 5, and afterward at the appropriate location, transfer from one coach to another.




We hope that the above info can get you going not merely to prepare your transfer from Rafic Hariri International Airport to any area within Beirut or its and surrounding suburbs, but also for your further transfer needs inside Lebanon in general, and within Beirut in particular.


  1. Shady osama says:

    Hi i will arrive lebanona t 8 Sept i make reserve at Bcharre i want go to bcharre by bus could i know by i can reserve and how it will cost ?

  2. Sally GG says:

    Your map is too small, I can’t read it to plan my journey. We downloaded it to read in PDF but when you try and zoom in the names go all fuzzy.
    Please put up a bigger map with better resolution.
    Thank you

  3. Cathy Safi says:

    I too cannot read the map. Please could you send a larger copy that is readable. Is it easy to use the bus transport? Are there buses in Jounieh that can take you to Beirut or the Burj Hamoud or Kaslik? as I find the taxi service to be quite expensive.

    1. admin says:

      - Please download the map at http://www.lccworld.com/lebanese-commuting-company-routes-map/
      - It’s a pdf file
      - Line 6 goes from Beirut to Jbeil (Byblos) along Burj Hammoud, Kaslik and Jounieh

  4. Elias says:

    I have a question about the red/white buses. I will arrive at 23:00hr are there still buses driving through the city? (Airport ->Rmeil)?

    1. admin says:

      Nope, they stop at 9

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